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Computer Genius Provides A Range Of Services To Offer Our Clients.

We Build Custom Modules, Complex Shopping Cart Rules Based On Our Business Needs

As a Custom Software Development company, we believe in the importance of providing 360° creative solutions for our clients. Computer Genius understands and can skillfully address a variety of needs by offering a range of services encompassing everything from Responsive Websites to IT Services. This is because the Computer Genius team is not limited within the rigid boundaries of traditionally defined roles. Instead, they come together as a group of talented multidisciplinary experts poised to meet a diverse set of challenges.

You have Questions.

We Have Answers.

How Will A Business Analysis Help Us Grow?

We analyze your sales process and identify areas for customer growth and leverage these insights into calls-to-action and user-pathways. Our understanding of your business helps us build a website that supports online growth.

Does Computer Genius Provide a Digital Audit?

If you have an existing website, we want to understand what works and what doesn’t. We set up tracking software on your website and review the data to come up with improvements to implement within the strategy for your next website.

Will Computer Genius Manage Our Back-End CMS Development?

Our back-end coding and Content Management System (CMS) development make managing and updating your site simple. We build on trustworthy platforms that keep data secure for both you and your customers.

What Will Our Computer Genius Designed Websites Future Optimization & Marketing Consist Of?

A website is a fluid and organic platform; it can always be tested and improved upon. We look for ways to keep your business relevant with ongoing design and content recommendations. After your website has launched, our online marketing team will execute a long-term strategy that will bring you qualified customers, grow lifetime customer loyalty, and insure a high return on investment by diligently monitoring available metrics.